PTFE Fiberglass Fabrics

(Teflon Coated Fabrics)

PTFE Coated Fabrics are woven fiberglass cloth substrates coated with a layer of PTFE.

Features of PTFE Fabric include:

  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Resistant to Chemicals & Abrasion
  • Operational from -100°F to +550°F
  • Non-Toxic, Odorless & Tasteless – FDA Compliant
  • Thickness availability from .003″ to .027″

Available in lengths of 18 yards or 36 yards

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Categories of PTFE Fiberglass Fabric

  • Premium Grade: features the highest level of PTFE coating thus allowing for optimal release and durability in the harshest of environments.
  • Standard Grade: cost effective release surface solution with high performance and moderate pricing.
  • Mechanical Grade: economical choice when maximum resistance to chemicals is unnecessary.
  • Tear Resistant: possesses a high resistance to abrasion and tearing, therefore is great for belting applications.

  • Porous: a gas permeable fabric that is ideal for use as ‘peel-ply’.

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