Heating Element Care & Maintenance

Whether you are making a 4″ seal or a 144″ seal, the nichrome heating element is the most important part of the heat sealing process! Heating elements should have a substantial life span when used under normal operating conditions. However, they will need to be replaced due to wear and tear over time.

For heating elements with end assemblies:

  1. Unplug the wire leads from their sockets.
  2. Remove the end covers.
  3. Remove the top PTFE fabric cover that protects the element.
  4. Release the spring tension from the end assembly.
  5. Unfasten the screws that secure the heating element to the brass plates.
  6. Remove the heating element.
  7. Remove and inspect the bottom PTFE fabric cover that insulates the element from the aluminum bar. If damaged, replace.
  8. Inspect the PTFE tape that adheres to the aluminum heater bar. If damaged, replace.
  9. Attached the heating element in between the brass plates of one end assembly and fasten the screws so the heating element is held secure on one side.
  10. Place the heating element along the heater bar and pull the heating element through the other end assembly. With pliers, pull the heating element taut and lock the brass plate.
  11. Trim the bottom PTFE cover to fit between the two end assemblies. Apply a thin coating of silicone release agent to the cover before centering it underneath the element.
  12. Apply a thin coating of silicone release agent on to the heating element.
  13. Replace the top PTFE fabric cover that protects the element.
  14. Put the end covers back into place.

*** If using PTFE Zone Tape, replace the bottom PTFE covers with a second layer of PTFE tape. ***

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